The Saddle Leaf is one of the tree varieties of Philodendron. It has very large glossy leaves with each leaf being split into separate fingers.

If the saddle leaf is given plenty of space it will develop a short, thick trunk which can reach about 5 feet in diameter. Care should be taken in locating the plant since poor light conditions will weaken the stalks, resulting in the large, heavy leaves to droop and fall.

The Philodendron Tree plant likes a bright yet filtered light, and following an initial soaking with water should be allowed to dry out prior to watering again. High conditions of humidity are required for the well being of the plant.

Ambient temperatures of about 50-60 degrees F should be maintained for healthy growth in a neutral organically richened soil. Feeding should be carried out in the growing season with a well balanced fertilizer.

The Saddle Leaf Philodendron is easy to care for, and if additions to the plant collection are required it can easily be propagated from root division or stem cuttings.

Like all members of the Philodendron family the plant has toxic parts which contain oxalates which if ingested by the young or pet animals can have adverse effects.

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