The Red Princess variety of the many philodendron houseplants available is very easily cared for and makes an ideal plant for someone beginning a plant collection.

The Red Princess Philodendron is a hybrid evergreen vine with full slightly arched leaves. Flowers can appear on the plant randomly, but most times on this climbing plant there are no flowers. It enjoys a partially shaded location with normal room temperatures.

Red Princess is typically a tropical plant which likes a moist soil. The plant should be given plenty of water during the growing season but not allowed to become saturated or to dry out. Spray or mist the leaves during summer and wipe them over occasionally with a damp cloth to enhance their appearance.

Encourage the plant to flourish by feeding with a balanced fertilizer each month and potting the plant in soil free potting compost for best results.

Adding to the collection of Red Princess is easily done by air layering propagation in spring time or by taking stem or leaf cuttings in the summer.

Most of the philodendron variety contain toxic oxalates, which are poisonous to domestic animals. Continual contact with the sap of the Red Princess can cause skin irritation in humans who are dealing with and caring for the plant.

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